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High Speed Wireless InternetThe fastest internet in your area! See options!

We also provide for an additional cost, a top of the line whole home coverage wireless antenna that mounts on the ceiling of your home and blows away any current wireless system you have now. Ask us more about this special offer! The product costs $100 and we'll install it for a one time fee of $75 when we setup your new Internet Service with Lone Star Wireless Internet. Some of our customers such as Nutcracker golf club, Revolver Brewing, and many other Pecan clients are benefiting from these Ubiquiti Unifi Long Range products.


$125/ monthly

Secure High Speed Wireless Internet

  • Up to 200 / 100 Internet Speed
  • Secured Wireless
  • Enhanced Security
  • Discounted Other Services
  • $150 Installation Fee
  • NO Contracts
Business Members discounted services listed from Lone Star PC Repair inside Pecan Planation, Granbury Tx.

Replacement Phone Service

Call us about setting up Internet Phone Service with Vonage for home.
You can replace your land line and many times keep your existing land line phone number.

Streaming Television

Streaming Live Television Service

Call us about setting up Internet Streaming Local TV Stations Service via
You can replace your high cost television and entertainment monthly bill with a streaming service for about $65 per month.