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A secure internet provider and more

Located inside Pecan Plantation, Granbury Texas.

Theresa & Scott


Providing exclusive technology combinations bridging several different communication methods together providing a bundled solution. We are focused on customer experience; a better service then the other guys.

Our solutions offer a unique filtered & monitored internet experience without human intervention, 24/7.

Lone Star Wireless Internet, LLC is the only provider that removes those possibilities by blocking malicious websites, phishing websites, and emails that call back to a virus provider via their fake attachments.

All other internet providers give you internet, and they don't care what you do on it. If you get a virus you can't ask them to fix it. Identity theft, they won't even touch it.

We care. Backed by 25 years experience in technology and service industry standards choose us to provide your internet securely from our location to yours.

Unique and protected wireless internet.

Our customer equipment allows us to filter out entire countries from ever reaching your home with the new security router we provide our customers. Our customer Antenna equipment we provide is a small Frisbee sized antenna that mounts on your roof or chimney; see it pictured compared to a computer keyboard for size comparison.

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